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Latitude: 45.567799°N
Longitude: 25.647683°E

Town: Brasov
Massif: Piatra Mare

Starting point: Dambul Morii[ 45.594751 °N | 45.594751° E ]
Finish point: Prapastia Ursului[ 45.567799 °N | 25.647683° E ]

Highlights: This beautiful crag is one of the oldest and most well-known in the nearby area of Brasov town. You can camp nearby in a tent or bivouac in one of the two caves.

Climbing: Here you'll find sport climbing or alpine routes, as well as dry-tooling lines. The limestone rock hosts a great diversity of features from compact faces, cracks and chimneys to impressive overhangs. The routes are long and most of them have two pitches.

Getting here: Go by car from Brasov on the national road DN1 in the direction of Bucharest. Several kilometres after the exit from Brasov, on the left side of the road you will see the Dambul Morii chalet. Turn left on the small bridge crossing the Timis River and then immediately turn right in the small asphalted parking place, where you can park your car (15 minutes drive). From the parking place walk along the road towards Piatra Mare Massif on the tourist trail marked with yellow stripe which goes through the Sapte Scari canyon. Just before the canyon, you will see on your left side an abandoned wooden house (40 minutes walk). Immediately after this abandoned wooden house, but before entering the canyon, you need to go left and cross the river onto the small bridge. Continue on the gentle slope on this trail marked with red stripe which leads to the Piatra Mare chalet and peak through Prapastia Ursului. Just after the trail turns left, the slope gets steeper. Go up this short steep slope until you reach the base of Prapastia Ursului, an impressive wall by its height (55 minutes walk).

Bolting: Sport climbing routes (along with a lot of alpine routes formerly on pitons) have stainless steel expansion bolts and chain lower-offs.

Sun: The crag is Southern facing and is in the sun all day long, but the alpine climate makes the heat suitable for climbing.

Rain: On rainy days, the slab faces become wet quickly, but you can still climb some of the routes that start from the cave in Creasta Frumoasa sector. After long period of rains the wall gets dry quickly.

Seasons: You can climb here during all four seasons, as long as the sun shines.

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