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Latitude: 45.523058°N
Longitude: 25.273550°E

Town: Zarnesti
Massif: Piatra Craiului

Starting point: Gura Raului[ 45.547207 °N | 25.301324° E ]
Finish point: Prapastiile Zarnestilor[ 45.523058 °N | 25.273550° E ]

Highlights: Exiting from the town of Zarnesti by its SW end, you'll reach Prapastiile Zarnestilor in no more than 30 minutes walk. It is very easy to get here by car or on foot. You can camp overnight in Prapastiile Zarnestilor, or if you prefer a little more comfort you can enquire at one of the chalets or guest houses in Zarnesti. The most accessible fresh water spring is Fantana lui Botorog.

Climbing: The gorges are 6km long and guarded by impressive walls of limestone offering mainly vertical face climbing routes.

Getting here: From the old town centre of Zarnesti drive towards SW direction until you reach the Gura Raului chalet. Continue on the country road (marked with blue stripe and red cross) along the river. You'll pass an old limestone quarry and then the Fantana lui Botorog spring. Go straight ahead on the road until you see a barrier. 100 m before that barrier you'll find a small parking place where you can park your car (15 minutes drive). From here continue walking on the road that enters the Prapastiile Zarnestilor gorge (10 minutes walk).

Bolting: Bolting is varied due to the size of the crag. The alpine routes are usually on pitons and the sport climbing ones are equipped with expansion bolts (newer or older). The lower-offs are also very diverse: pitons and expansion bolts, linked or not.

Sun: The gorge provides shaded sectors all day long.

Rain: During rainy periods you can still climb in the La Refugiu sector which is sheltered by an impressive overhanging wall. After long periods of rain we recommend to wait until the water infiltrations dry on some of the routes.

Seasons: You can climb here from early spring until late autumn and you can find both shaded and sunny routes. We don't recommend climbing here during winter because of water infiltrations.

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