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Latitude: 45.359835°N
Longitude: 25.524188°E

Town: Sinaia
Massif: Bucegi

Starting point: Peles Castle[ 45.355883 °N | 25.548617° E ]
Finish point: Sfanta Ana[ 45.359835 °N | 25.524188° E ]

Highlights: This crag is located in a very picturesque part of the Bucegi Mountains. In the large clearing near the crag you can find the Sfanta Ana trinity.

Climbing: The limestone rock offers mostly face climbing with small overhanging sections.

Getting here: From Sinaia town centre drive on the road that leads you to Peles Castle. From the Peles Castle continue on the asphalted road towards Cota 1400. After you exit the residential area, you'll see a sign on the right side of the road pointing in the direction of Poiana Stanii (15 minutes drive). Park the car on the side of the road. From here continue walking on the country road (marked with blue triangle) for a few hundreds meters until you reach a fork with a sign to Sfanta Ana. You are at the base of the Furnica sector (10 minutes walk). To get to the other sectors follow the road to your left, passing the barrier that blocks access for cars.

Bolting: The fix protection is very diverse here. Old routes are equipped with pitons, and replaced with expansion bolts in some sections. Newer routes are on expansion bolts.

Sun: The crag has South exposure and is exposed to sunlight from 10 AM until dusk.

Rain: On rainy days, the crag can easily become wet but can dry quickly, especially if the wind is blowing strong. There are no water infiltrations after long period of rains.

Seasons: You can climb here in optimal conditions from spring until late autumn. On summer days the alpine climate makes the heat from the sun bearable.

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