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Latitude: 45.368422°N
Longitude: 25.523639°E

Town: Sinaia
Massif: Bucegi

Starting point: Peles Castle[ 45.355883 °N | 25.548617° E ]
Finish point: Poiana Stanii[ 45.368422 °N | 25.523639° E ]

Highlights: This area covers several cliffs around the chalet from Stana Regala in Sinaia. Some crags are on the outskirt of the forest and sheltered from direct sunlight. You can sleep overnight at the chalet in Poiana Stanii or camp with a tent (make sure that you inform the chalet administrator before as the land is private). You can find running water at the spring approximately 5 minutes from the chalet, on the marked trail from Sinaia.

Climbing: The rock is limestone. The routes are relatively short, featuring vertical face climbing with small overhangs.

Getting here: From Sinaia town centre drive on the road that leads you to Peles Castle. From Peles Castle continue on the asphalted road towards Cota 1400. After you exit the residential area, you'll see a sign for Poiana Stanii on the right side of the road (10 minutes drive). Follow this sign on the country road (marked with blue triangle). Pass the forks to Sfanta Ana and Cota 1400 (just keep right). Continue on the same road until you reach the small parking place from Poiana Stanii (30 minutes drive). From the parking place you can see the La Cabana climbing sector (3 minutes walk). If you prefer walking instead driving, you can take the blue stripe marked trail from Peles Valley which will lead you through the forest to Poiana Stanii (45 minutes walk).

Bolting: The routes are equipped with expansion bolts. Linked expansion bolts as lower-offs. This is a very popular training area as the bolting is excellent.

Sun: Climbing here in summer can be a real pleasure as the crags are shaded by trees. Even on the hottest days you can feel the cool mountain breeze.

Rain: If it doesn't rain too much you can still climb here as the routes are sheltered by trees and dry quickly. Climbing here after heavy rain is not possible.

Seasons: Summer is the ideal season for climbing, but you can climb here on sunny spring or autumn days. Because of the alpine climate from the Bucegi Mountains, during summer, the temperatures here are generally mild.

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