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Latitude: 45.375378°N
Longitude: 25.529023°E

Town: Sinaia
Massif: Busteni

Starting point: Castelul Peles[ 45.355883 °N | 25.548617° E ]
Finish point: Cariera din Sinaia[ 45.375378 °N | 25.529023° E ]

Highlights: This crag is located nearby an old limestone quarry between Sinaia and Poiana Tapului.

Climbing: The rock is a grayish limestone and provides excellent friction. The routes are very easy and ideal for beginner climbers. Even experienced climbers can enjoy the panoramic view of the Prahova Valley.

Getting here: From Sinaia town centre drive on the road that leads you to Peles Castle. From Peles Castle continue on the asphalted road following signs for Cota 1400. After you pass through the residential area, at the first hairpin turn, take right on a country road (marked with blue stripe) for 150 meters until you reach the valley of the Peles River. Here you park the car (15 minutes drive). From the parking place continue on walking on the country road towards NE until you reach a junction (5 minutes walk). The left branch of the road is closed by a barrier. Follow this branch towards the N on the contour line for about 5 km until you'll see a secondary road branch who goes left (45 minutes walk). Follow this road to the left which leads you after an ascending hairpin turn at the base of the old limestone quarry (50 minutes walk). Continue on the trail having the quarry on your right side. Just after the quarry ends, on your right side, there is a small trail with dug stairs that lead you to the base of the crag (60 minutes walk).

Bolting: Expansion and glued bolts. The lower-offs consist either of one glued anchor or unconsolidated expansion bolts.

Sun: Due to its Southern exposure, we recommend climbing here in the morning or late afternoon on hot summer days.

Rain: Due to its low-angle character the rock becomes easily wet, but dries as quickly from strong winds.

Seasons: The ideal seasons for climbing are spring and autumn. Summer can be extremely hot and in winter there are water infiltrations from melted snow.

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