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Latitude: 45.431041°N
Longitude: 25.501198°E

Town: Busteni
Massif: Bucegi

Starting point: Caminul Alpin[ 45.422274 °N | 25.534229° E ]
Finish point: Costila[ 45.431041 °N | 25.501198° E ]

Highlights: Located on the outskirts of the Bucegi Mountains, the Costila climbing crag features both sport and alpine climbing routes. You can sleep overnight in the Costila refuge. There is a small spring about 15 minutes from the refuge where you can get drinking water.

Climbing: The alpine routes have only few pitches, which are a good place to start for amateur alpine climber. The rock is conglomerate, which makes climbing here very interesting, with shallow pockets and cemented rocks.

Getting here: From the railway station of Busteni go North on the main street. Several hundread metres after, turn left on the street called Valea Alba and continue until you reach Caminul Alpin (20 minutes walk). From Caminul Alpin continue on the trail marked with red triangle, which leads to the Omu peak via the Cerbului Valley. Soon you'll reach a fork (40 minutes walk). The marked trail towards the Omu peak through the Cerbului Valley continues on the contour line to the right, but you must follow the trail marked with a slightly visible yellow triangle on the left of Valea Alba. Continue on this trail until you reach a small clearing (60 minutes walk). After crossing this clearing, the path turns right and the slope steepens. Climb the steep slope by zigzagging through the forest and then you'll reach a small spring which is the source for drinking water (65 minutes walk). Continue going uphill and then turn right on the contour level (70 minutes walk). Successively traverse several steep valleys until you reach the river bed of the Costila Valley. On the other side of the valley you can see the Costila refuge (80 minutes walk). The climbing routes are on the two pillars which guard the valley, called Tancul Mic and Tancul Ascutit.

Bolting: Most of the multi-pitch routes are on pitons, but there are several that were re-bolted with glued anchors or expansion bolts. Sport climbing routes are equipped with expansion bolts.

Sun: The two pillars are facing SE and they are exposed to the sun until the afternoon. Because of the alpine climate, climbing here is a real pleasure on hot summer days.

Rain: On rainy days the rock becomes wet easily, but dries as quickly due to the wind.

Seasons: You can climb all year round, however summer and autumn are the best seasons.

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